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Dining in front
of the sea

Visiting a place includes getting to know its culinary tradition - and, in this respect, the Brazilian North-East has a lot to offer. Simple and tasty, the local cuisine is best known for the cassava (“macaxeira”), the sun-dried meat (“carne do sol”) and the countless variety of tropical fruits: bananas, watermelons, guava, caju… And don’t forget to taste the true Brazilian caipirinha! Is your mouth already watering? Then come and try it more at the Esmeralda Praia Hotel Restaurant. Whether you reserve a half or a full board treatment, a free afternoon snack (Happy Hour) is offered as a courtesy to all our guests.


From the morning bread to the evening desserts, every dish in our restaurant has its story to tell… Local Brazilian delicacies as well as international dishes are carefully prepared in our kitchens with the freshest ingredients, ready to be savored at your table or by the pool.


Each dinner in the Esmeralda Praia Hotel is devised to take you somewhere else. With seven different cuisinies, themed decorations and live music, you will enjoy every night a small holiday in the holiday.

Beira mar


Bacon and eggs? A sweet tapioca? Or rather a healthy alternative: diet yogurt and fresh fruit? …why not all of them? Our rich breakfast buffet does not leave anything behind. From juices to bread, everything is prepared in our kitchen with the freshest ingredients to ensure you a first-quality start of the day.

Beira mar


Fuel up for the rest of the day.
Fuel up for the rest of the day Our lunch buffet is open every day from 12:30 to 14:30. Besides the rich basic selection, the weekend buffet is enriched by typical Brazilian dishes such as the classic “feijoada”, with beans and different types of meats, and a sublime “caldeirada de frutos do mar” (seafood chowder). If you prefer to have your lunch served directly by the pool, please ask our waiters the à la carte menu.

Beira mar

A happy sunset

Come and discover another peculiarity of the Brazilian kitchen: finger food! During the happy hour you can experience the sweetness of the the corn cake, the saltedness of “bolinhas” (meat or cheese croquettes) and get rehydrated with a slice of juicy watermelon. The free happy hour is a courtesy of the Esmeralda Praia Hotel and is not extra charged on your reservation.

Beira mar


One thousand and one (theme) nights.
Yesterday in Italy, today in Brazil, tomorrow in the States - and this without leaving the hotel! The Esmeralda Praia Hotel dinners let you lose yourself in seven different culinary cultures every week. The smells, the tastes, the live music and the restaurant decorations: everything is planned to let you experience a diverse tradition every night.


Bandeira Itália NOITE ITALIANA


Pizza, spaghetti and home-made gelato: who can resist? The spotlight of the night is a pasta spectaculary cooked on order in front of your eyes.

Bandeira Itália NOITE ITALIANA


Simple but tasty north-eastern dishes, a caipirnha and dancing live-played forrò with your partner: that’s the perfect Tuesday night!

Bandeira Itália NOITE ITALIANA


You are going to fall in love with the spiced, healthy Arabic cuisine. And don’t forget: belly dancers are an important part of the Arabic culture.

Bandeira Itália NOITE ITALIANA


In our culinary trip around the world, the Chinese tradition should not be forgotten. Not only rice and noodles, this cuisine is really empirior quality!

Bandeira Itália NOITE ITALIANA


Beyond the north-eastern borders, Brazil has a whole lot to offer. Tonight you will taste some of the Brazilian delicacies, with a special highlight of the Bahia and Mina Gerais culinary traditions.

Bandeira Itália NOITE ITALIANA


We could not neglect such an iconic cuisine as the Tex mex. Grab your soda and get ready for hamburgers, tacos and onion rings! And remember: it’s spicy!

Bandeira Itália NOITE ITALIANA


Like a bridge between the Brazilian and European traditions, the Portuguese cuisine features full-flavoured, sophisticated dishes such as the pungent bacalhau and the aromatic Port wine.